Thanksgiving meal Nov 15
11am-1pm Bring side/dessert
9724 Summerwood Cir
Dallas, TX 75243


We are partnering with Pro-Claim to take some soap and candy into the Wynne unit for the big Christmas program on December 13th. A scripture and salvation prayer will be in with the candy. We have to bring enough for all the inmates and we've decided to give some to the officers and staff as well. So we need a lot. Soap needs to be the yellow Dial in the ten or twenty pack. Candy needs to be the bulk packages of individually wrapped candy as pictured to the left. Can also be the individually wrapped peppermints. Deadline to have to us is December 8th. We will have a booth on Sunday mornings at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX. You can mail it to our PO Box 4283 Cedar Hill, TX 75106, bring it to the Pro-Claim offices, or call us and we will come pick up. You can also give towards the purchasing of candy/soap by clicing here or texting the amount to 972-200-9400. We need enough for 2600 inmates. Will you help? 

You may also visit The Philly Cheese Steak Factory in Midlothian and drop the candy/soap off. While there, eat one of their awesome sandwiches and you'll receive 15% off your order because you brought the candy/soap. Thank you to The Philly Cheese Steak Factory for helping us out. 



Welcome to the Forgiven Felons Website!

Thank you for visiting our site. We are a ministry that believes by encouraging men and women, as they come out of prison, to get connected to a local church, supports groups, and anything else they need to become a productive member of society. Our goal is to reduce recidivism by teaching parolees how to become a better, different, person than before they went to prison. We don't help them forget their past, we show them how to use their past to gain a brighter future. Helping People with a Past realize their Future.

We hold bible studies, mentor one on one in county jails, go into the prisons to share the gospel, and house men when they come out of prison. We believe by Getting them Right, Getting them Out, and showing them how to Give Back, we can fight recidivism.

Mission Statement:
Helping People with a Past realize their Future!
We try to accomplish this by: 
Getting Right- whether in prison or out, getting your mind and heart right is vital to staying on the right track. Getting Out- getting out of whatever situation you're in. Prison, parole, probation, addictions, unemployment. Sometimes this takes time and effort but it's important to always be moving forward. Giving Back- pouring into someone else is the most surefire way to the focus off ourselves. Most of our consequences with the law are brought about by selfishness.

Recidivism- Atendency to lapse into previous pattern of behavior, especially a pattern of criminal habits. (dictionary.com)

67% of all inmates released from prison will be back within three months. (U.S. Dept. of Justice; Bureau of Justice Statistics)

The children of incarcerated parents are five times more likely to end up in jail themselves. 64% of all men incarcerated are fathers.
78% of women incarcerated are mothers(US News & World Report, April 29, 2002. Volume 132,Number 14, pp. 48 – 51. “Breaking the Cycle”) 

Let's fight recidivism! Watch some of the ministry in prison on the Media page.

December 13th at the Wynne Unit

Join us as we go into the cells with Pro-Claim sharing Jesus with over 2600 inmates. We will hand out soap and candy to every inmate that day. We will join the inmates for the final evening service in the gym. Click here to register for this even by Tuesday November 25th. 

Welcome Home Package
Each month new inmates get out that have nothing but the clothes TDCJ gave them. As they parole to our ministry we like to provide them with a month of hygiene, three sets of clothes and shoes, bus passes, and some food. Please help us by considering a monthly gift to help meet these needs. 
Would you hire a felon?
 Never Again!
 Depends on their crime.

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    Helping People with a PAST realize their FUTURE

    Forgiven Felons
    Main Ministry 

    P.O. Box 4283
    Cedar Hill, TX 75106

    Transitional House
    9722-9724 Summerwood Cir
    Dallas, TX 75243
    972-748-3101 Office
    972-375-5177 Cell
    Email: jaydangumm@forgivenfelons.org

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